A Caring Christian Family -

January 2017              5                 12                  19                  26             

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Song Leader            Hunter            Clayton            Wayne          Hunter          
Prayer                     Wayne            David B.           Marty           Walter      

Sunday Morning Worship
Announcements       ----------------------- Mark M. -------------------------         
Song Leader            Billy G.              Joel              Clint             David B.      
Opening Pray            Sam                J.B.              Gregg T.          Gary        
Dismissal Prayer      James S.          Joe               Freddy            Joel          
Head of Table           Clint               Billy G.             Sam              Joe        
Assist Table             James K          Chris              David B.           J.B.         
                                Phillip              Gary             Logan T.          Marty           
                                David B.           Eric              Clayton             Eric    
                                 Marty             Terry             James S.          Chris         

Sunday Evening Worship
Song Leader             Freddy             James S.         Joe             Billy G.            
Opening Prayer         Eric                 Marty             Bill              Wayne.     
Dismissal Prayer       Chris               Logan T.        Hunter          Clayton       
Head of Table            Joel                 Greg T.           J.B.              Bill       
Assist Table              Clayton             Hunter           Gary             Terry         

January 2017              1                  8                 15                   22           

Wednesday Night Bible Study 
Song Leader               Joe              Clint             Nathan               Joel                     
Opening Prayer         Terry             Sam              Clint                 Chris            
Closing Prayer          Nathan          Hunter            Eric                Logan T.      
    If you will not be able to serve, please let Gary Woodam know as soon as possible.
            If you swap dates with someone, again, please let Gary Woodam know.
                                             THANKS TO ALL WHO SERVE!
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